Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu for Week of 1/10

Crazy week! School starts for me, homeschool co-op starts and to top it all off we are expecting a snow storm in Georgia!! My child who attends school out of the house will be home with us tomorrow due to a snow day :o) Hopefully the snow really does arrive and we get snow ice cream... I think that's one of the things we miss the most about Ohio. Either way, the week will be busy so the meals must be easy...

Tonight: cheese burgers & fries (total junk food night to use my new George Foreman grill!!) Total gag gift from hubby today. We were just lamenting this morning about when he & I finished our undergrad degrees together. We were so busy, we ended up eating a lot of frozen pizzas. At the time we only had the one child but she literally refused to eat pizza for almost a year afterward. People couldn't believe we had a child who wouldn't eat pizza. We were too embarrassed to admit that it was really just over exposure. :(

Monday: Nachos & avocado soup.. I'm pretending that the presence of avocado soup adds enough health benefits to have 2 junk food nights in a row.

Tuesday: Chili & cornbread

Wednesday: Chicken Braid - some random combo of chicken, veggies & cheese to create a classic Pampered Chef braid.

Thursday: Breakfast bake with hashbrowns and turkey bacon

Friday: Pork & Hominy Stew

Saturday: Rosemary Mustard Crusted Beef Roast, Potatoes & Green Beans

Sunday: Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup

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