Friday, January 28, 2011

Middle of the road

I have been on some dietary rides. Our family has lived without meat products. We've followed nourishing traditions for years. Low processed carb has been a necessity. We tried gluten free/dairy free... you name it we've tried it. Why? Well we don't just jump on each band wagon as it becomes available, contrary to the appearance of such. We have a variety of health concerns that are best treated with dietary adjustments.. but wowsers it's a lot of adjusting for one family! I have insulin resistance so too much sugar or starches and I'll be obese in a minute. Hubby acid reflux & a strong genetic history of heart disease. Pixie has digestive issues that she wouldn't want me to share on a blog, but are severe enough that she's treated by a physician. Little man, well what boy needs additional sugar and artificial colorings influencing their behavior? So if you lump it all together, I think what it comes down to is just plan clean eating. Not some fun food trend or any support group meetings.. just wholesome cooking from whole foods that originate at responsible sources. We aren't there yet. But I am drinking my coffee this morning without sugar or Splenda this morning.. baby steps. Does your family follow an eating style? And yes, 'cheap' is a style, and we've done that one too! ;o)

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