Monday, January 3, 2011

Time Management Step 2

So I've found some extra time & attention span without facebook... yeah :o) I heard on the radio today that if you can stick to your New Year's resolution for 2 weeks your odds of being successful sky rocket. I'm not sure that 2 weeks is a magic number, I've always heard 30 days to a new habit... BUT a short term goal of 2 weeks can't do anything but motivate me so I choose to focus on 2 weeks for right now.

The title of this post says "step 2" not "pep-talk" so... without further adieu...

Step 2: FlyLady... what's that I hear? Groans? Cheers? It seems most folks fall in one camp or the other. I have always been in the "cheer" camp. I love flylady's principles of making cleaning processes just as routine as brushing your teeth. Years ago I was a flybaby like nobody's business. I LOVED it!! But a new baby, return to college and a part-time job all was too much for me to hang on to routines. My home crumbled back into a cluttered heap. Thankfully, our current home isn't too bad... but I certainly appreciate Flylady's approach to housekeeping. Especially the small manageable babysteps... which slowly and consistantly kept our home company ready. So I have returned to Flylady.

I personally choose to use the flylady system as put forth in the book: Sink Reflections available at her site. Though for years I used only the free email reminder service to implement her system. Either way, it is quick and efficient home management that works for us.

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