Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Damascus Way

So I finished this book the other night and am just having a hard time finding the opportunity to blog about it. I'll make is simple and sweet:
Things I love:
*It's a great reminder of what early Christians and still some Christians have to go through to just be Christian ~ something too many of us take for granted.
*I love Jacob and can completely identify with the internal struggles. He struggles between choosing an easy life that many would love versus a rough life that feels right. Through prayer and trust in God he realizes that he doesn't have to make a choice. He only has to wait for God's plan to unfold.
*I enjoy the suspense of the book. I never thought of myself as a suspense reader, but my last couple of books seem to have me sitting on the edge of my seat. This one was by far more of a quiet suspense in that I didn't stay awake for days on end attempting to get to the end already... but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable..
*I love love stories. This one has many :-) ~and they aren't all predictable.

My only hesitation: the new believers sure did mature in their faith awfully quickly. It was a bit difficult to totally buy into. Perhaps for some the simple act of prayer and accepting the Lord is enough to rectify all wrongs, correct their lives and put total trust in the Lord. But for the rest of us complete and total handing over of our lives to the Lord's will is a struggle taken in babysteps over the span of a life time. Having said that, this quality of the book may make it less believable but no less enjoyable :-)

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