Monday, February 21, 2011

Destination: Plains, Georgia

Field trip day part 2 :-) In addition to the Habitat for Humanity Global Village we visited the Jimmy Carter Historical Site. The staff there were extremely helpful in answering questions and directing us to items of interest. This site is President Carters actual alma mater. The classrooms and principals office are set up just as they would have been back then. In addition this is the stop in the trip to learn all things Carter. How they met, campaign and White House years... you name it, it's covered... even the desk:
Now nevermind my bad hair day... I've been tended to by a professional since ;-)

I'm seated in the oval office can't ya tell :-) There is also a 20 minute movie that unfortunately we were unable to view due to time constraints. But the gift shop is awesome!! I bought peanut plants, some books, and they gifted us with temporary tatoos.. which totally won the kids over :-)

Following the Historical site visit we drove out to the Carter's Boyhood Home. This was a great lesson in the Depression era for the kids. The site isn't staffed with tour guides though there are buttons in each room for a guided tour. Our kids had a great time working the well out front and sweeping the yard. ~ Which reminds me.. you know all those old pictures with no grass around houses? I always thought - poor folks were to poor to even have grass... just so sad. Turns out, it's a southern thing and they liked it that way!! It was typical for folks to 'sweep' their yard. They would sweep it to keep grass and weeds from growing... know why?? .... I'll give ya a minute.... keeps snakes away from their houses!!! So it's not sad and pathetic, it's smart :-) Anyway, the Carter Commissary is on site as well as gardens, a barn and some animals. Kids probably forgot everything they learned as soon as they learned the master skill of making the donkey talk like Mr. Ed. Gotta love it when you have Ms. Ellie Mae Clampet as your tour guide ;-)

On a more serious note, if your family needed to travel a greater distance to participate in the Jimmy Carter Buffet of Historical Site, Boyhood home & Habitat for Humanity Global Village; you might want to see everything in the area. Another amazing but somber attraction in the immediate area is the Andersonville Civil War prison & P.O.W. Museum. We did not add those in on this trip, because we've already visited the Andersonville site. This visit is very powerful and emotional. A curteousy at the front desk of the museum is a scavenger hunt for young kids. It helps to keep them focused and shielded from anything that might be too mature. Though really I don't recall anything too horrible in tangible form.... the only horribleness was the understanding within my adult mind of what these exhibits mean that human beings are capable of doing to one another.



Jeanette said...

I was so glad to get to share the Jimmy Carter Sandwich with you guys! It was better than a $5.00 Footlong from Subway! ;)

Jennifer said...

You are a nut!! You guys made the trip ;)