Thursday, February 17, 2011

Greek School

The post needed a picture. I love this little house blessing that was delivered from some loving God parents at our old parish~that had an awesome school. So I'll include it here for your viewing pleasure and also as a plea to the Holy Spirit to help us find the creative education solution we are looking for. Which we believe to be a mix of our religion and solid academics within a reasonable commute.

Anyone Greek? Growing up our small town had a very strong Greek community. One of the community activities that they had was "Greek school." Now I can't recall if this was a daily thing but I know for certain it was more than just on the weekends. For some reason I'm under the impression it was daily after school.. sort of their after school activity at their church. But either way - this is what I recall it as being and would love to learn more.. They would attend classes at their church that were Greek culture, language and religion. These classes were like Sunday school on maxed out steroids. This sounds SOOO appealing to me - but I'm not greek. lol.

But for us - we know that the local Catholic school isn't an option. They've had some serious safety concerns, it's just too small and our negative experiences out weigh our positives. :-( Boo Hoo on that right?! We are committed to a Catholic education for our children - so much so that I've been providing it at home in the absense of a school to do so. I teach CCD at our parish and while I think our Religious Ed program rocks the house - especially with the recent addition of my co-teacher Shirley - 1 hour a week just can't fill the kids up the same as all day everyday in Catholic school. But if we had 'Catholic school' like 'Greek school' everyday after school I could totally get behind the endeavor.

So I wonder about Greek school. Is it really as awesome as my brain makes it out to be? Keep in mind this is parent brain - I don't really care if as a kid you hated going ;-)


Jeanette said...

I just remember it from Big Fat Greek Wedding. :) Homeschooling still on the table?

Jennifer said...

Our table is a buffet!!! Everything is on there - just too many options :) We'll just continue to pray on it. I guess some things have left the table - but those were instances where our prayers were answered with crystal clear answers that those items were NOT options.