Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm supposed to want that?

** back story** So recently I was involved in a thread on the dreaded facebook about the sacrament of confession. A protestant joined in to explain why she didn't need confession because she confessed to God. My 1st clue should have been that she even felt the need to volunteer this info on a thread that was really just about the new iphone app. But because I'm absolutely a naive, I volunteer ~ I humbly would like to point out that your statement shows you don't understand the Catholic act of confession. If you'd like to understand the sacrament I'd be happy to share with you. She replied by typing out some Bible verses in reply with and "I don't think learning more is necessary". I did catch the 2d clue - this chick is into religious confrontation.. I'm not. But apparently some other folks are, so then begins a long thread of the biblical justification of judgement of others which yes, does indeed include the judgement of my religion amongst others.

During this long winded one sided... mmm conversation (?) someone I don't know emails me to probably encourage me a bit. But her statement hit me like a ton of bricks. She said,

I know when someone enters a conversation with a declaration of a Bible verse, that their mind is snapped shut.

Yikes!! Right?! Instantly my mind pops to

Our lives may be the only Bible people ever read.

So with that in mind, is the judgement of others really what God wants us leading with his word? Narrow minded and harshness? I don't know about you alls religious teachings - but MY church teaches:

Above all else keep the 2 great commandments: Love God above all else & Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

So how did this situation resolve itself? Well some folks think I'm too touchy. Some folks are offended (remember just because someone doesn't comment on your facebook post doesn't mean they aren't reading!!) and I'm reminded that In Your Face isn't the sort of Christian I am. I love the principle: Preach the gospel always, sometimes even use words. I want to be happy in the Lord and have others want what I have. And yes, I will admit that I de-friended the judgement preacher. Quite frankly after knowing how she felt about my faith, which is inseparable from myself, it reminded me to follow peace and leave quarrelsome people to quarrel amongst themselves. I hope that peace is with you... and for the record I really do hope that peace can be with them as well. One day when they find peace perhaps we can have coffee :o)

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