Saturday, February 19, 2011

Menu Plan 2/20

I'm adding my other meals too. I often plan 3 a day. We sometimes shift meals around to allow for busy schedules so the menu isn't exact... but at least I know I have all ingredients on hand.

B: pancakes
L: leftovers & oranges
D: Mexiburgers & rice, corn

B: cereal, fruit
L: @ a birthday party
D: Catfish Po' Boys w/ salads (didn't get to either of these items last week)

B: fruity oatmeal
L: field trip sack lunch (probably pb&j, fruit & carrot sticks)
D: Shrimp & Chicken Jambalaya

B: muffins, fruit
L: sack lunch in the car bc we are NEVER home on Tuesdays
D: Turkey Sausages with warm potato salad and green beans

B: waffles, yogurt
L: tuna and white bean salad on cucumber (me) or crackers (kids) with you guessed it... fruit lol
D: Baked chicken with Broccoli & Polenta casserole

B: muffins
L: pizza rounds (mini pizza made on those Nature's Own sandwich thins), raw veggies
D: Beef, black bean & mushroom quesadillas, salsa

B: fruity oatmeal
L: grilled cheese, tomato soup
D: cheese pizzas, raw veggies

B: pancakes
L: crab salad (on sandwiches for everyone else) & any leftovers
D: Chicken Satay, rice, veggies

So what are you all having? Our weather is getting warmer which will hopefully bust us out of a winter comfort food rut.

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