Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Other Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore: One name, two fates was one of those books that I couldn't put down. The first section is tough, both boys end up fatherless.  They both maneuver tough streets and adolescent challenges. As a mother, I kept falling back on what did mom do... how present were they? how tolerant were they? One thing that I noticed is that successful Wes Moore had a mother that did not give up control of her household. She knew she was in a fight for her son's future and she was going to pull out all of the stops to do all that she could. The other Wes Moore's mother didn't love him any less. He didn't appear to be neglected or forgotten. His mother just seemed to not have as full of an arsenal to battle the pull of the streets for her son's future.

The author Wes Moore refers to Colin Powell's My American Journey as a book that inspired and influenced him. I love this book and passed it on to my husband who enjoyed it as well. So if you haven't read this, add it to the list!!

Sorry I wasn't able to make this a read-along... I gobbled it up much too fast. But I'm always up for chatting about it :-) So post away!! This book inspired me to think about my will to influence my children's futures and to never give up on them.

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