Sunday, February 20, 2011

Results are in...

from this test. And as it turns out my dirt is pretty good! Not at all what I expected. Last year we built some raised beds and filled them with dirt and compost. We didn't have our own compost so we bought some from a chain store. It definitely wasn't as good as homemade and we had to make many soil improvements as the growing season went along. Apparently we did a good job :-) But as promised, they extension office did offer some recommendations for improvement. Here are ours:

Apply 1/2 # of sulfur or 2 # of gypsum per 1000 square feet (which we are wa-a-a-y under) ~ yea, I get to use some algebra.

Broadcast 5# of 34-0-0 plus 10 # of 15-0-15 per 1000 feet (see above) and I'm just city enough to not fully understand "broadcast" I'm guessing they aren't talking about a Hamm radio

They then specify how to adjust the above for certain plants. For example the above is for beans, cantaloupes, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. If I decide to do more broccoli, cabbage or other plants in that family then I would need to increase recommendations by 50%. Southern peas need a reduction in recommendations by 50%.

So do it! Test your dirt!! And let me know how it turns out. I'm especially curious as to the quality of dirt from someone who home composts. That's one of my goals and I want to be able to say to hubby, "SEE! We gotta start this!!"

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