Friday, February 25, 2011

That's a cotton pickin' garden alright!

During our Jimmy Carter buffet the kids picked up some cotton at his boyhood home. Cotton is just one of those things that is EVERYwhere... like corn in Ohio. So they wanted to plant it. We're starting a unit on plants so I'm going with it...

They dug through the cotton and pulled out 4 seeds.
We've decided to stick it in one of the front beds as well. Now mind you we did no research whatsoever on these plants. We probably planted at the wrong time, depth and location. But that's part of the fun I guess. We do have ourselves much more together with the peanut plants ;-) But that's another post.

They faithfully water them & the remainning weeds! Wish us luck!

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Jeanette said...

You gonna have those younguns pickin cotton this summer? LOL!