Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well look who decided to show up.

Just the start of spring weather and who should arrive, but parsley from last year! This is really neat because well one it came back at all. And two because poor parsley didn't do so well last year. The basil plant got way out of control and crowded the poor little guy out. But when we began preparing the beds this year we found Mr. Parsley hiding under some of the basil debris. We've relocated him to the front of the house. Remember I have that whole plan to secretly allow FOOD to grow in my flower beds this year - starting with herbs and garlic. Parsley will be our 2d addition. The garlic is growing nicely already so I have high hopes for the plot.


Jeanette said...

Just watch the undersides of the parsley leaves for butterfly eggs-little, round, yellow pearls, usually just one or two, not a whole cluster. Butterflies love to hatch their babies on parsley!

Jennifer said...

Girl you are my green thumb - you will rescue us from starvation in this strange new land yet ;-) When we get everything in you should come over and give us a class lol!