Friday, March 4, 2011

Bringing it down a notch

I loved this post over at I'm the accidental homeschooler AND I love the Duggars. So I thought I would implement some new guidelines to get ourselves under control. The children have gotten a bit out of hand with normal kid stuff and I've gotten out of hand with the yelling mom stuff. And how often do we think - I wouldn't yell if you didn't try to hit your sister!!! But following the fine Duggar example I decided that we would work on one item at a time. Starting with:

 We don't raise our voices in our house.

Guess what.... when mom doesn't raise her voice neither does anyone else. Well.. sometimes they do, BUT then I just say, "Remember, we don't raise our voices in our house." And they stop... no screaming, yelling, tattling from across the house... those all require raising voices.... and we don't do that.

Thank you Duggars for another sparkling demonstration of how we should lead by example. I try to live by the parenting technique that we teach our children to show us respect by treating them with respect... turns out I needed a little reminder about "inside voices" too.

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