Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Conversations with a Fat Girl

This is what I'm reading now... I picked it up at the library to have a light and fun read following The Other Wes Moore. I thought it would be a nice compliment... boy, oh boy I did not realize how much it would continue the reflection on life choices started by Wes Moore.
Let me say first that Conversations with a fat girl is fiction, it has its laugh out loud funny minutes and way too many four letter words. But I love it... why, because I've been the fat girl. I've worn too many clothes sweating through a summer so my jiggle doesn't get confused with my wiggle. I've sold myself short and helped others to do the same because I didn't have the confidence to believe in myself. Maggie speaks to my inner fat girl. Now perhaps your one of those chicks that have never had to worry about these things... well bless your heart ~ I'm working on my southern ;-) My guess is you still have some insecurities - who doesn't... and you'll still enjoy Maggie's commentary on life.

My favorite scene - her sister signs her niece up for a ballet class. The teacher says to bring her in full ballet dress. Mom dresses her up in pink tights, leo, tutu and even a matching wand. Little girl is thrilled, so is mom. Upon arrival mom discovers that full  ballet dress means black leo and pink tights. Mom feels horrible and says to little girl, Are you ok with how your dressed? She gives her the option to not going into the class assuming that she'll be insecure in her unique dress. Little girl responds that she's ok with it as long as the other girls are ok with what they have to be dressed in. The wonderful confidence of little girls, different isn't something to be embarrassed about - it's better! I love that... In fact this book makes me want to stamp my foot and demand my own pink tutu and wand and be completely secure in that choice.

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Jeanette said...

If you get the tutu and wand I hope you post pics..