Monday, March 14, 2011

Garden, early spring.

This bed is being prepared for our eggplants. The ground is still a bit to chilly for them so we're heating it up with the black plastic. The white pot has my mint that is recharging itself after a long winters nap. The little bit of green that you see there are rainbow pepper plants.

Mostly all you see here are snap dragons :-) We learned a lot last year in our trip to Colonial Williamsburg. We need more pretty flowers in our garden!! So this year we have them. You'll notice little popsicle sticks at the end of the beds. Those mark our bulbs - the hyacinths & crocuses are just starting to bloom as well. I don't know that our gardens will be beautiful in the way you would consider landscaping but they will be colorful & hopefully fruitful. This bed is designated for snap peas.

Our two raised beds from last year. You can see they are rimmed with annuals and bulbs as well. The bed on the right holds zucchini plants. The one on the left holds tomatoes. We have a cucumber bed as well but it stands empty, except for a few flowers.
And the peach tree we planted last year has survived!! It was touch and go last year. We've learned that we should never plant a baby tree in late spring in Georgia. The harsh heat of the summer just beats it down. But our baby tree has lived to see spring and it's first blossoms!!


SuzyQ said...

I think I might just have to attempt a garden this year. Your post has inspired me.

Jennifer said...

Good luck! Best thing about our garden: in the summer a bug jar is enough to keep the kids busy for the whole afternoon.