Monday, March 21, 2011

Ode to Mrs. Bentley

My 6th grade teacher was passionate about teaching. She was soooo much fun to have.. well unless you failed to live up to your potential. She wasn't afraid to tell you that you were smart and she expected you to show it. I loved her. Now I've passed one of my favorite memories of her on to my own children.

 The nutty, nutty numerator.

Mrs. Bentley was a professional teacher. She was always dressed very nicely and carried herself with dignity. Not to say that the other teachers were all schlumps but they just didn't have that spit shined characteristic Mrs. Bentley had. That is why the behavior I'm about to describe was such a big deal. Mrs. Bentley pushed our desks together and climbed right up on top of them. She took her regular long purposeful strides back and forth across the little runway that she had created for herself. She kept asking in her booming voice, "Well what do you think of this?" Of course we all had our wide eyes and slack jaws - too stunned to even respond. Even Timmy - who had a wise answer for everything! Eventually she stopped dead center with both hands on her hips - "I'm nutty! I'm on top of the desks and I'm absolutely nutty!!! ~ and so is every numerator because numerators are always nutty and on top!" We figured out it was ok to cut up and all totally lost it with hysterics.

So it wasn't quite as easy to duplicate this here at home. We ended up clearing the kitchen counters and the kids walked back and forth. Totally stunned it was allowed and vowing to not tell Dad who would flip his lid. The sneaky factor helped give the same emotional catch as Mrs. Bentleys impromptu runway. And my kids can now without a doubt let you know that the numerator is on the top of the fraction :-)

Thanks Mrs. Bentley for this and so much more ~ where ever you are!

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Jeanette said...

Love it! I will sooo have to use this one. Thanks Mrs. Bentley! (My sixth grade teacher was my favorite as well-Mrs. Freyer. She was awesome! And I actually purchased some of her old teaching materials at the used book store last year. I was so sentimental I HAD to buy them.)