Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's all the hype about hypermilling?

Do you hypermill? I originally read about it in Mother Earth News and it seemed like a great idea for trolling around our small town. Originally I was driving a 4 door pick up truck. Gas prices are soaring and I'm a cheap-o so we purchased this cutie patootie afore mentioned granola carrying VW bug to cruise the kids around town in. And due to this purchase, I feel more pressure than ever to demonstrate what a wonderful choice it was with concrete fuel savings! So I'm a hypermilling wanna-be now inaddition to a librarian wanna-be :-p I found this article on hypermilling that is soooo far beyond anything I'm willing to do for safety sake. But I have found the following techniques to really impact fuel usage:

Always drive the speed limit. (duh right)

Anticipate stopping. ugh another duh right. ~ You see the light is red. Slow down. No reason to accelerate all the way up to stop.

When the light turns green, it's not a race to the speed limit. We don't have to go 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.

No idling. Skip the drive through and go in.

Be patient. Yes it's totally irritating when the person in front of me has no clue where they are going and are driving 5 -10 miles under the speed limit. But if they are looking for a turn, eventually they'll take it and be out of my way. There is no reason to get all miffed and fly around them (wasting gas!)

Which brings me to - let the impatient person that takes personal offense to my driving the speed limit get miffed and fly around me. Especially in a school zone - which happened yesterday. My son was fit to be tied. He demanded I call the police that someone was speeding and crossing the yellow line in a school zone. Me too.

Lump together errands.

So has gas prices changed how or what you drive?

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Jennifer said...

Can you say 30 miles per gallon?!?! That's right baby ~ 30 miles per gallon - huge gas savings for me HUGE!