Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bite Sized Challenges

We made the decision a couple of months back to begin praying for little challenges to arrive one at a time. We prayed that the challenges would be things that we needed to learn or overcome to make the current transition easier. Boy o boy when you pray for something like that boy do you get it! BUT we also had the blessing of getting those challenges one at a time instead of all at once ~ which really would have done me in I think.

Some examples:

We had hubby's earlier health challenges that required my acceptance that I really do need to accept help from those around me when necessary.

My little pixie had the experience of being reprimanded by an adult that she doesn't know. She's so sensitive and quiet that this doesn't happen often. But hello, heading back to school, this will definitely be something she encounters!

We've had lessons in our children being exposed to influences that we don't allow ~ we talked about it and they are no worse for the wear but do understand why this won't be a habit.

We've learned how our religion is recieved outside of our little circle of like minded folks. Including the necessity that our children not only follow our guidelines but understand them.  When well meaning adults challenge those beliefs, our children are well prepared with nonconfrontational but unwaivering answers.

And really can you have a girl without the concern of teaching them how to deal with girls that shoot daggers? We've found this behavior to be present in the homeschool community but not nearly to the degree that we had it at school. But we've had the opportunity to discuss these behaviors, what to do about them and that they are really more a reflexion of that person and not ourselves.

And this week we get 2 challenges ~ lucky us!!

1. How hubby and I will balance our new dual working status to make sure we coordinate the best possible care for our kids. They have commitments. We have commitments. It's just a big puzzle that needs pieced together.

2. This is also the time that the rubber meets the road. I say that my kids come first. I need to make sure that my every action proves this, to include being fully present when we are together and available whenever necessary.

And finally, I'd appreciate your prayers in the next challenge: which is the selection of a homeschool supportive teacher for each of my children next school year. With them returning to school, I have the fear of the anti-homeschool teacher that spends her time searching for the gaps in my children's education instead of celebrating their strengths. Since we are returning to public school, I don't personally have a hand in selection BUT prayer helps all things!


Jeanette said...

Better to have the challenges one bite at a time than heaped up on your plate all at once! I will say it can't hurt to talk to the counselor at the school and express your concern about the teachers your kids get and how she perceives homeschooled kids.

Hope the road is a smooth one for you all...

Anonymous said...

Incredible story there. What occurred after?
Take care!

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Jennifer said...

We made it through public school into a great local private school. Kids thriving! Thanks for asking!