Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Royal Wedding Magic

I have a dear friend in England who is a great UK book hook up. We share a love of all things literary. She sends my kids the greatest packages of goodies. The most recent box held two books that are getting dibs called all around.

My grandmother would be over the moon with this book! I know this instant that it would be wrapped in acid free paper and put up. Never to be loved, cut or played with. I guess she's worn off on me because I am really fighting that urge.

This one I think really is for me ~ and I can't wait to try it out. BUT my little is calling dibs!! She loves it. She has BIG plans. I'm not so sure. But we'll give it a crack maybe after this semester ends the first week of May.

Did you watch Princess Di & Prince Charles' wedding? I recall getting up at 4am or something and gathering around the tv with my mom & sister to watch. It was just magical. Some how I'd forgotten that magic and not fully embraced this wedding with my daughter. I'm glad this package arrived before it was too late. I still have time to share in some of the magic with her.... now to decide what to do... what will you all do? Anything?


Jeanette said...

I remember watching the Charles/Diana wedding! It was like a fairy tale come true. Maybe you are a little jaded seeing how that 'fairy tale' turned out. ;P

I plan on watching it. We may count it as history.

Jennifer said...

There ya go - history :-) I'm not negative towards the wedding.. I'd just forgotten the magic of childhood. Seeing her get so excited is like seeing Christmas magic through a child's eyes. Kids really do make everything more magic :-)