Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sad day..

At homeschool park day last week my children "rescued" 3 caterpillars. They were those adorable fuzzy ones that make the ugly tents in the trees (Eastern Tent Moths) and turn into even uglier moths. They loved them and I milked their existence out for every possible drop of science..

We had a scare last Thursday when they were forgotten outside overnight. They became sluggish in the cold and I feared the worst. So did my little people, they cried and cried. But we warmed them up and they lived to see show and share at preK. Hurrah!!!

But sadly, Wiggly met his demise yesterday. The other two had already cocooned up but Wiggly was days behind them. The kids discovered he'd curled up and refused to move. The sobbing was heart wrenching. Somehow Hubby is always out of the house when these things happen so I was on my own to handle the arrangements. We crafted headstones ~ yes 2 so we didn't have to argue about what goes on it. Each child declared their never ending love. And we buried him out front between the mums ~ that thankfully have regained their vigor after the great aphid invasion of 2011.

To finish the whole day off, my Little man ran into the kitchen before bedtime and declared, "I miss Wiggly but he's not really gone. I'll hold him in my heart."


Jeanette said...

*Sniff*! How sweet. I remember when our guinea pig died...hubby was on his way out to work, saw the ginea pig, woke me up with the following-"Sweetie Pie is dead. Gotta go! Bye!" Leaving me to pickup the pieces of course. ;P

At least the caterpillar was well loved during his short life. :)

Carol@simple_catholic said...

Oh, how touching! So sorry about Wiggly.

This reminds me of something that happened when I was little. (My brother was 4, my sister 7 and I was 8.) Our kitten had died and we did the whole funeral thing. Four or so days later my brother dug up the grave because he wanted to see if the kitten went to heaven yet!

Jennifer said...

@Jeanette - I think that mothers are just built for handling these sorts of emotional moments. And honestly, I don't know that my hubby would have tolerated a full service for a caterpillar. And really, I'm not certain he would have been invited ~ both children bitterly informed me that "Dad, called them "stinkin' bugs"."

Jennifer said...

Oh my word Carol!!! Did you have nightmares? And the foulness - ugh, I would have bathed him until I scrubbed his skin raw. Boys... of course a boy would do that. But you gotta love his faith! His heart was certainly in the right place.

Carol@simple_catholic said...

I didn't actually see the kitten when my brother dug it up, but the stench stayed with me for a long time! Thankfully, being 8 at the time, I didn't have to wash my brother, BUT I remember my mom scrubbing him down quite a bit. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love his response. I am so sorry for your loss. The death of a pet is a tough thing!