Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waiting on Normal

I just finished this book which I loved. It's a juvenile work of fiction aimed at the ages of 9 -12. In my mind it's become a fictional, kinder, gentler Glass Castle. The main character is a 12 year old girl, Addie, who lives with her single mother. The mother is preoccupied by her own goals, desires, ambition and is unable to properly care for her. I love the definition of normal that she gives. Normal is knowing what to expect next. Doesn't seem to matter whether the next is good or bad. Just having the ability to predict the next is of great importance. And really isn't it for all kids? It's a great book for kids & grown ups alike. When I picked it up at my local library, I had no idea it was such a loved book. Google it and you'll find reviews, videos ~ you name it! It'd be a great book to use for a book study or report as there are just so many resources available.

I feel as though I should put this disclaimer in the review as I know a lot of folks in my audience that this will be important to: There is a homosexual couple as main characters in the book. It doesn't actually represent it as a positive or negative. It just is. In my opinion no harm or foul. The book as a whole does not have any questionable content or language. I enjoyed it.

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