Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Menu for 4/3

Ahh... made it through my first week of work and guess what.... We are all no worse for the wear!! We had a great week... thanks in no small part to an awesome child care provider :-) Anyway, onward and upward.. this week's menu:

Sunday: Hotdogs, cauliflower & carrot blend

Monday: Chef Salads (build your own) ~ really just my excuse to eat those French's Onions on something other than green bean casserole. I love those things!

Tuesday: Ham & Scalloped potatoes from the crock pot w/ broccoli ~ supposed to be in the 60s so it's a good day for some comfort food

Wednesday: Veggie pizzas

Thursday: Sandwiches, chips & carrots ~ another track night. Boy o boy... we love watching our little pixie run but will be soooo thankful when the season is over!

Friday: gonna have to be out... skating & t-ball pictures all surrounding dinner time.. looks like I might get to that new Catfish place!!

Saturday: Greek Orzo Casserole w/ salads

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