Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wrapping it up & dragging it out...

We are at the weird time of year that I feel like we are wrapping somethings up and dragging others out... but it's our speed and we're sticking to it :-)

One of the benefits to homeschooling for us has been the ability to work through subjects at different grade levels at our own pace. Somethings like reading are my little pixie's forte so she's always whipping through it. Others like math are the painful torture that we endure savored so as to fully digest the material before we move on. Which brings us to the end of the year in which some items are wrapped up months before others. We usually use that as an opportunity to double up on other subjects to get through those quicker as well. But still we will not double up math.. we will do it all summer. And while that sounds like I'm dredding it, I actually think it's a good thing.. or so I tell myself repeatedly throughout the day... The weaker subjects should be consistantly practiced so as to not lose any over long breaks. We should definitely have enough material to cover that concern :-)

But to celebrate what we have finished ~

English 3 for Young Catholics. I LOVED it. It was thorough. It covered writing, speech and grammar. The repitition of sentence diagramming was a great active way of reviewing parts of speech and sentence structure. Little Pixie wasn't a huge fan of it compared to First Language Lessons. She preferred a more oral approach to English, but I think that's just more of the difference of 2d grade to 3d grade.. not necessarily one curriculum to the other. She did enjoy that the lessons were again bite sized and quick to work through. She found the topics of interest. If we were homeschooling again next year, Seton English would be a keeper.

Mapping was a favorite from the start. The only reason we weren't finished in December is because Little Pixie realized there was only one mapping workbook and wanted to savor it. This must be a very good program. I did very little with mapping other than checking the worksheets - no teaching, she rarely had questions... this was a "car-schooling" activity. She seemed to do very well on the map reading section of the standardized testing we just completed. She commented that the structure was very similar to her workbook. Again this is something we would continue with if homeschooling were in the plan for the future.

It's probably all this dragging butt stuff we'd really like to give up... so you won't see those posts for a while!


Sherrie said...

May I ask what you used for Mapping? Was that part of Seton or something different? Thanks! :)

Jennifer said...

It did come as part of our Seton program but the actual publisher is Modern Curriculum Press (or something like that)... You could purchase that separately through Seton or some place else I'm sure. Of course you might want to wait for our test scores to come back to see if it was really effective ~ if you value that sort of thing.