Saturday, May 28, 2011

more little challenges..

Remember how I've said that I prayed for little challenges to come along that will prepare us for the transitions ahead? I've totally had a week that is a continued answer to the prayer... sometimes it sucks. But it's part of what we need right?

The first is an extended family emergency that required me to put some perspective on the work/family balance. I LOVE my job and the folks that I work with. BUT my family has to come first - so if I need to drop everything and go - then I drop everything and go. You know the best part? My job is filled with people that understand and support that decision. Thank the Lord that I have that benefit. I've been in positions before - and know others are still in those positions - that it would have meant risking unemployment.

Second is completely separate from the first, but they are listed together just by virtue of being in the same week. *Lucky me* As an adult sometimes I think - kids problems are just kids problems. I have an urge to say this is just a big deal to you because your young. When you are older you'll have more perspective. But in reality, when someone is thoughtless or treats your feelings with total disregard ~ it hurts whether you are 8 or 80. I think the behavior sucks, but I'm thankful for the reminder. I think it will help me to be a more sympathetic ear. And just incase I'm reading Queen Bees and Wanna Bees, I'll post a review when I'm finished.

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