Monday, June 27, 2011

Just the sweetest...

That's what Simple Catholic Living is for bestowing upon me the Sweetest Blog award :) Stop by and see her at some point. I'm sure you'll be delighted!

So how this works is that I now need to share 7 pieces of information about myself that aren't commonly known and give 15 recommendations for Sweetest Blog awards... So here goes:

1. I love peanut butter. Over the top, it makes my mouth water, eat it off of a spoon... do anything for it, love it.

2. My husband has the true green thumb in the family, I just tag along.

3. My mom is one of my heros.

4. I waffled for years between becoming a massage therapist or a librarian... really.

5. As a kid I lived off of chicken potpies and pepsi - gross!!!

6. I was pulling fireguard in the army the night Tupac was killed. I was able to break the news to the rest of my section.. I wasn't ever a Tupac fan but he sure did elevate my status for a couple of weeks ~ may his soul rest in peace.

7. I must blab too much bc trying to find 7 things about myself that noone knows is hard!!! ~ I guess everyone probably already knows that about me.... so I'll try 7 again...

7. I get mad when I sleep in because I've missed out on some hours in my day, life... whatever.

Now for my 15 recommendations:

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2. Amonst Lovely Things
3. A Woman's Place
4. Cleaning Up Clutter
5. Charming the Birds from the trees
6. Concordia Classical Academy
7. Giggles, Wiggles and Wonder
8. Happy Catholic
9. JDaniel's4mom
10. Slightly Crunchy Catholic
11. The Accidental Homeschooler
12. The Reedlet Roundup
13. The Weed Family
14. Totus Tuus Family
15. (Weight Watchers Blog) Leading the Weigh


Jeanette said...

I used to love chicken pot pies when I was a kid! The crust was the best! You are so funny...I never knew abut your Tupac moment of fame. ;P

SuzyQ said...

You are definitely the sweetest! Congratulation!