Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our summer of free range children...

We are suburbia. We live on a 1/3 of an acre in a great neighborhood. We are close to all of the greatest schools, shopping and work. We have many blessings and we enjoy them.

My hubby grew up on a farm with all of the freedoms that allows. Due to some family circumstances, we are spending a lot of time on his parent's farm in Tennessee. It's not the family farm he grew up on.. yet it still has all of the wonder. It's amazing to me how much my children and even I change once we step foot out there. It's like we let the kids out of the coop. We hit the property line and instantly little pixie wants out of the car. She has to race us down the lane to the house. Or drive - just the golf cart though!!! Little man has to climb the haybales - to the rafters no less!!! So high, the only way to get him down is to send the dog up!! I find myself allowing them freedoms that I would NEVER allow at home. At home I have to watch them. At the playground I have to make sure I know where they are. At home the house has enough windows and the yard small enough that I can see them everywhere... and they aren't old enough to roam the neighborhood in packs like we used to growing up.

Meet Willie ~ Little man was sure he was going to kick him in the butt until he met all 1200# of the big black angus.

At the farm I can set them free to learn from their own mistakes. For example if you chase the momma cat into the hay so you can take her kittens, you'll come back with scratches. If you flop around at the top of the hay, you'll probably end up coming down fast. But chances are, you'll have a big cousin who will pick ya up and dust ya off... check for wounds and send ya on your way. And there's already been those moments that bond siblings together in secrecy - some how my youngest wandered back to the house covered in grease and walking with a gimp. No one's fessing up. But I'm guessing they learned to never do ~ whatever *that* was ~ again.

Emotionally, it's a tough summer for all of us ~ especially my hubby's family. All I can do is pray hard for them all and focus on the fact that my children will remember their free-range summer with fondness for the rest of their lives.

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