Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lost in translation

We spent another weekend at the farm in Tennessee. We love it there, just wish it were under better circumstances. It does give us lots of giggles....

The kids were heading down to the barn. Hubby and I were headed in different directions. We were to be close enough to hear if someone needed help, but not so close that we'd be able to eyes on supervise. So just to safe I gave the peptalk of how we are a family and a team and look out for each other... stick together... yada yada yada. Little reminders of rules.... do we climb on tractors - no. do we climb to the top of the hay & jump - no. And what do we do if someone gets hurt? Run for help - yell for mom or dad and run to the house.

I should add here that just last week we had to teach the kids the concept of "uncle" ~ when wrestling, when the person you are wresting yells uncle then that means someone is hurt, or "gives" ~ it's one of the words that is serious and demands action.

So back at the barn... I'm in the garden and hubby is at the polebarn. The kids are just over the hill at the barn and I hear a cry/scream. I freak out and start running to the barn, as does hubby. We meet up at the top of the hill just as little man rounds the corner screaming, "Uncle! Uncle!!!"

It took us a bit to catch on, but apparently what happened is little pixie fell in the gravel and tore up her knees. She was crying and little man ran for help ~ screaming the one word he learned was the designator for someone is hurt and this is serious.... "uncle" Bless his heart... life lessons are like noodles... ya throw 'em at them but ya never know what will stick... something stuck alright... I'm just not so certain it's what I'd intended.

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Jeanette said...

Aw. I think that is so sweet.