Friday, July 22, 2011

Menu 7/23

So menu planning has taken on a whole new dimension now that I'm a workin' woman. Most days I arrive home around 6:30 - the absolute LAST thing I want to do is whip something up... I wanna enjoy with my kiddos!!! So we've found some solutions - 1. crockpot... face it, I've always LOVED my crockpot... now I love it and need it... 2. preplanning... not everything needs to be done in the 20 minutes before we actually eat it... 3. Hubby is learning to cook ;-)

Sat - Crab cezear salads

Sun - grilled pork chops, german potato salad, veggie (note extra potatoes cooked for Monday's dinner)

Mon - crockpot meatloaf, mashed potatoes & green beans

Tues - macaroni & cheese (prepped night before & hubby just needs to pop in the oven when he gets home) broccoli (Little Pixie's favorite meal night :)

Wed - Shrimp tacos, salad (prepackaged veggies are my current crutch)

Thurs - Out for a big pizza party night!!

Fri - Turkey reubens w/ a veggie tray

So there are my little survival secrets ~ what are yours?

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