Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In defense of my coolness...

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See those pants over there at clothed much? They are called 'pegged' pants!!! And all you young folk that have poked fun at me ~ you know who you are ~ that thought I was making that stuff up can look and weep. Because I am obviously just a tad bit cooler than you thought... perhaps even cooler than you, because I'm so with the trend, I'm a head of it.... by years.

BTW - doesn't she just make adorableness within reach? One day, using items that don't cost the equivalent of my left arm... I could put together some cute outfits of my own!!

~ and now just like with the defense of one's own sanity... if you have to defend your sanity, you probably aren't... if I have to defend my coolness, I'm probably not.... I'll return to my regularly scheduled blogging of all things mom.

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