Saturday, September 17, 2011

Peggy is that you?

Do you remember this post about how much I love my volkswagen? Boy was I wrong. This car has been the biggest mistake EVER & has turned my husband into Lou Holtz:

Ya see our VW has experienced 2 epic mechanical failures in 4 weeks. One of which, the timing belt going out at 80,000 miles (instead of making it to it's scheduled replacement of 100,000 miles)  - tore out the whole engine. Per the maintenance tech - this is epic failure... 20,000 miles early for a routine maintenance replacement is a rare quality concern.

We believed him... hubby's last VW made it to drinking age (21 in Ohio). He bought "Nick" a VW golf brand new right after he got back from his first tour overseas. He drove that car w/o air conditioning 250,000 miles through Oklahoma, Texas and every other make ya sweat til ya get swamp butt southern location. The only thing that ever went wrong with that car was the blower went out around 150,000 miles. Brian decided to just spend his fridgid Ohio winters scraping inside and the outside of his windows. In 2008 Brian retired from the ARMY. To commemorate the event, we retired "Nick" too. Of course the next car was a VW Jetta. You just couldn't argue with the track record of that old Golf.

Well, until you meet our Beetle and Diane A ~ VW's 'Peggy'. You see after getting confirmation that indeed our beetle was a dud, Brian called VW and got 'Diane A.' She didn't really want to talk to him or hear his concerns. So he asked to talk to someone else. She refused. It appears the only person working in customer service at VW is Peggy... er Diane A. At first I laughed at this... but sadly it's been confirmed. My hubby has contacted VW via email and received back a snotty "per our conversation" email from Peggy... er Diane A. She says he can't speak to anyone else. It appears she is indeed the only person working at VW... I just wish she had Peggy's attmept at an english accent.

In the meanwhile, I'm sad for my dear hubby who has preached the value of a VW from sea to shining sea ~ and congratulated friends on their first VWs. Only now he realizes that "Nick" was a diamond in the rough.

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