Saturday, September 17, 2011

Religious Ed Text

Well, we've decided and ordered Seton's religious texts. You can find the Kindy book here and the 4th grade one here. We chose Seton over Faith & Life for a couple of reasons.

 First, because after spending a year with Seton last year and then sending my child to school this year, I've come to learn what an advanced and strong curriculum they offer. They are INTENSE in all things, religion is their base so I know I can trust it.

 Second, what my daughter loved and missed about Faith & Life was the little kid friendly activities: coloring, drawing, etc. That's not what all of 4th grade would be about.

 Finally, Seton requires only 1 book purchase per grade. Saves money too.

We don't expect to get them for a week or two, but we'll keep ourselves busy practicing our rosaries.

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