Monday, September 12, 2011


Back to blogging? Back to school? Back to life? Whatever... I'm blogging :) The kids are in school & we have some fun things going on that we wanted to share.

Our first to share is that the only complaint my children have about public school is that there is no religion class. Praise Jesus!!! We've done something right!! They want to have their homeschool religion course back. I sorta doubt that they'll be up for more "lessons" after school... but really how do you say no to a request for religious education?

We are debating between Seton which I loved and Faith and Life which my children loved. I guess we'll have to decide soon... I'll keep ya posted. In the meanwhile we are preparing for Michaelmas!!!

Upon entering the church, my husband selected St. Michael the Archangel as his patron saint. Obvious choice as a soldier right?

We will begin our preparations on September 26th with fasting and making decorations just as suggested over at Domestic-Church . If you've read this blog long, you've seen this link before. I love their fridge art section and lenten and advent activities. If you are planning your own family Michaelmas celebration, I'd love to hear your ideas. I'll share ours as we go..


Jeanette said...

Can I just say YAY that you are still blogging?! ANd YAY for the religions classes. Side note- the other day I was fussing at Will for not cleaning his room...his reply was "But Mom! I want to read my BIBLE!" I admit...I didn't know what to say to that!

Jennifer said...

How about: I'll skip the fluff - it says to obey your mother and father. Go clean your room ;-) lol! Kids.