Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Food Fun

Dessert Acorns :)

Hershey kisses
Keebler fudge dipped shortbread cookies ~ original recipe called for mini nilla wafers but my store was sold out. And well, on this day I was all about the immediate gratification of happy kids so I improvised.
Chocolate frosting to glue
broken pretzel pieces

Just attach the flat side of a hershey kiss to the underside of mini cookie with frosting. A little glue to hold on the stem... voila! It is done :)

I borrowed this idea from the September issue of Family Fun Magazine. And while this wasn't part of a muffin tin - it certainly is muffin tin worthy!!


SuzyQ said...

I love that magazine! I get so many great ideas from it.

Jennifer said...

I just wish I could find the time to do them all!

Jeanette said...


Jamie Jo said...

I still have the paper torn out of the magazine---it's so cute!! They look a little messier though than they make it seem, huh?

Jennifer said...

I think the messiness is in our execution. My older child's was neater... but all of them were delicious :)