Monday, October 3, 2011

I picked this book up in search of a light fun loving read. My last book The Tulip and the Pope was wonderful!! But nonfiction and I felt dealt with very weighty topics such as faith, vocation, life purpose, etc. So I needed something with some whimsy, excitement, and lots of warmth.

This read was spot on. Kate is in her mid-thirties looking for love. She has a life that many would dream of: plenty of money, great career, a body women half her age would envy. But she wants love.... and she doesn't believe that she has to settle.. she truly wants it all and develops a plan to get it.

Jake is someone that thought he had it all at one time. The marriage went south and he decided to opt out of life. Choosing to return home to small town life and help his brother with his business. Luckily for him, he has charm in spades.

Content wise, it's pretty pg until the late middle to end. Some scenes would do well to leave more to the imagination ~ though I have learn to skip and skim until the subject matter returns to a more pg level. I read this was the author's first book. It makes me curious as to whether the graphic content increased or decreased as her writing matured.

I already loved this book and this author when I found this... which just cemented her place on my favorites list. You might feel the same.

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Anonymous said...

If you like her...I've got most, if not all, her books! I love her. I'll let you borrow, you know....when you have spare time for some light reading!