Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lunch mission week 2

The mom mission: get these kids to eat lunch!! Week 1 was a huge hit. The corn dog muffins were gobbled up!! Unfortunately, we had to resort to pb&j last week due my not having time to grocery shop. We had a fabulous weekend camped out with girl scouts at Camp Low ~ the view from my tent:

The lunch idea originally for this weekend was these little roasted veggie poptart type of things... almost a pastie without meat. BUT hubby said, seriously? They aren't ready for that yet. I think he's right....

So our plans for the week are:

Homemade lunchable lunch. : meat shapes, cheese shapes & crackers

This version contains pumpkin & leaf shapes and whole wheat crackers. My kids are also crazy for those fried snap peas... which do NOT count as a vegetable even though they are green.
That's my plan... hopefully it's as big of a hit as the corndog muffins!


Jeanette said...

Saw this over the weekend and thought of you

It's a blog written by a "Mrs Q" who ate school lunches for an entire year and who is now an advocate for healthy lunches in schools. She has some good ideas!

Jennifer said...

OOO I'll have to check that one out!! Thanks :)