Sunday, November 20, 2011

FO: Quick & Easy Cardigan

I whipped up this cardigan last weekend from some sale fabric. It was so easy. I took the idea from this book: Sewing in a straight line that I picked up at the library. It really is just a bunch of squares and rectangles sewn together with straight lines. 4 hours start to finish ~ which includes washing, drying & wrestling little hands out of my project ;-) There were tons of other simple and easy projects listed but I was veered off track with another fabric that was also on the sale rack. An orangy grey plaid. Which is going to one day become my new favorite skirt. I say some day because each project I do these days happens in about 20 minute increments. I'm sure you other mothers know how that is!!


Jamie Jo said...

I am going to have to check out that book!! Your Cardigan looks great!

Jennifer said...

Thank you :) There's another top that I'd love to make in there. It's sheer though so I didn't think I'd wear it much this time of year.