Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Fun

We had a great day together as a family doing..... MATH!! That's right, I said it. Here were our favorite games:

Guess my number. One person picks a number between 1 & 100. Other players take turns guessing. The only allowed answers are either: Your guess is less than my number OR Your guess is greater than my number.

Shut the box. Draw a tic tac toe grid and number 1 - 9. Roll 2 dice. Total amount. Build that number using your tic tac toe grid. Each number can only be used once so cross them out as you total. For example: you roll a 9. You can choose to cross out either: 9; 1 & 8; 2 & 7; 3 & 6; or 5 & 4. If you have already used the numbers necessary to build the number that was just rolled then you must pass. The first person to use all of their numbers wins.

Change in my pocket. Gather an assortment of coins. One player selects between 2 and 4 coins and places them in their pocket. They then say to the other players: I have 20 cents in my pocket but only 2 coins. What are they? And the other players guess. The number of coins can vary based upon your age and skill.

Pokemon - oh it can be a math game with all of that adding, subtracting & multiplying!!!

We didn't get to Math War today. Perhaps tomorrow. Just too much fun with the couple we did I guess! Hope you all have fun too!


Jeanette said...

I love days like that when math is FUN! You are such a good mom.

Jennifer said...

You are such a sweet friend ;-) We have tons of awesome books on math family fun through the library - but I haven't gotten myself together enough to actually check them out yet. I might declare a night of math fun one day in the near future ~ to try one out.