Sunday, December 4, 2011

Home making is a full-time job...

but nothing says only Momma can do it!
After 10 months of being back to work outside of the home, I've come to the conclusion that I sure did a lot before! For me home making includes all the tasks that make a house a home: meal planning and preparations, cleaning, decorating, and family event planning. But let us not forget all "special" event logistics: birthday parties, celebrations and scheduling household maintenance ~ like plumbers! That's a whole lot of "stuff"! You'll notice that I don't include any childcare activities in home making. Home making is making a house a home. Caring for your own children is parenting. For me, these are two separate things.

So I've come to realize, perhaps for my own sanity... that while home making is a full time job, I'm not the only person in this house capable of doing these tasks! It's not only ok, but completely beneficial to divvy these tasks up... some to my husband sure.. but more importantly *gasp* to my children! Yes, my children are expected to be little part-time home makers. And why not? Isn't that the point? At some future date, I hope that they are successful enough to earn their own homes. They should know how to 'make' them, right?

So yes, they have routine chores... sweeping the floors, dusting, sorting recycling. But I think the value in all of this is to reach beyond chores. Home making is much more than that! They can help with decorating, celebrating one another, planning family events, and much more. You know what this means? It means our family has become much more participative, though not always cooperative ;-) It also means that I'm thankful to see another positive result of my returning to work. I truly am blessed.

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Jeanette said...

AMEN sister! Even though I stay at home, I always make sure we divvy everything up. I used to drive myself crazy trying to do it all on my own, until I realized how much it benefits my children to participate in the chores. "Life Skills 101" I call it. :)