Monday, December 26, 2011

I must have been good!

Santa sure must think highly of me this year, as I've been spoiled ROTTEN! As proof of how very excited I am, I'm not even hesitating posting this picture of me in my jammies on Christmas morning.

What is that under that paper?

Could it be?

Why, yes! It is a dress form!! I've wanted one for so long. I remember stalking sales for them when we first got married. Then kiddos came along and most of my sewing was for them or quilts, certainly not for me! But they are getting older. The girl child will still allow cutie patootie skirts and dresses but has resorted to jeans and comfortable shirts for school. And lets face it, it's just not as much fun sewing clothes for boys. So skirts and dresses for momma are back on the machine ~ well along with random household projects ;-) And my hubby must remember all of that hard core stalking we used to do... Bless that man. He is a treasure :-)

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