Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Peachy

You know you're in the right spot when Mary is there to great you, right?
We have had an extremely fruitful day :) Our quest to get our peach tree some friends began a couple of months ago. We learned first of all that we made a some big mistakes with our first tree.

1st - mail order. I know right?! The shame. We actually purchased a tree through a mail order company. We were lured with heirloom tomato plants, then tacked on a peach tree. I think there was some special involved that tipped our decision, though that could just be my attempt at justification.

2d - planting in the spring. The mail order company boasted that they knew the best time for each item to be planted. Each item arrived at a different time, right when it needed to be planted. So when it arrived, we planted it ~ right in April.

Why not the spring you ask? Well, in other places, spring is a great time to plant - or so I've been told, I'm obviously NO expert. The spring and summer give the tree time to build reserves to make it through a harsh winter. Here in the south that's a bad idea. The summers are hot, humid and harsh. They beat down a poor baby tree before it even gets a chance to gather itself. As it turns out DECEMBER is prime fruit tree planting time here. That way the tree can gather itself and take hold before the summer pounding. So as December is coming to a close we found the pressure on to get those trees into the ground!

We also decided that our next most important choice is to find a local provider of local trees. We did this as well and the prize in the crackerjack box is the super knowledgeable garden guy. He was great helping us to not only select our peach trees but also gave us some great hints for maintenance on our other peach tree.

I should also note that in light of my focus of employing my neighbor, the guy probably thought I was a little weird. I kept asking are you sure these are local? Is this company owned by a local PERSON? Finally, Mr. Rodney says, "The owner is a nice guy. He lives right down that street," while pointing to his left. I've checked and it's true. I'm thrilled to have found a local hardware & garden center. Sure the lye for my soap making costs about a buck more per can, but I think it's worth it!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love to buy local! I have read the book as part of my mom's group at church!

Jennifer said...

Your post definitely made me think you'd read the book, but just in case ~ I couldn't let a good opportunity to pass on a recommendation!

Sherrie said...

So, where'd you buy the trees? Caleb has been asking for some, but it's always at the in-opportune time for planting. :)

Jennifer said...

We purchased these at Houston Hardware & Garden Supply. They were GREAT. And I understand they have a very good selection of seeds and local starts in the spring. ~ If you're planning on putting those beds to use again :)

Michelle @ Liturgical Time said...

I love this post. One of my goals for this year is to grow more food, so I particularly enjoyed this read.
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