Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another fun family math game

We call this one Pioneer ~

Materials needed:

graph paper
a die
2 pencils

Set up:

We are pioneers traveling west to claim land for our families. We make 5 trips to stake our claim on 5 plots of land. (Yes, I realize this isn't historically accurate - this is math, not history!!) The person with the most land at the end of the 5 trips wins.


player 1 rolls the die for this example we'll say is was a 3. The player will then draw a horizontal line that is three blocks long. player 2 rolls and draws a line the same number of blocks as the number rolled. Other players continue. Once everyone has had their first roll, player 1 rolls a second number. This example we'll say a '2'. Player 1 now starts at the end of their first line and draws a vertical line 2 blocks high. This creates an L shape. Draw a matching horizontal and vertical lines to create a rectangle. You've now fenced in your claimed acreage ~ but you have to know how much you have!! So you must write out the following math sentence under your square: 3 x 2 = ___ Once each player has taken a second turn, you've all completed your 1st trip west. (At which point whomever had the most would take a moment to gloat, though that's not the point of the round ;-)You get 4 more trips - completed in the same manner. When all 5 trips have been taken and all of your math sentences have been completed, each player adds up their grand total from all 5 trips. The player with the most acreage overall at the end of the 5 trips is declared the winner.

Does this make sense? It was great fun with minimal prep work. And the competitive drive certainly kept my little person playing longer than they ordinarily would be - and doing other people's math fast so they would know straight away if they'd won or not. I hope it has a similar effect in your home :)


Jeanette said...

Nice! Does each person have their own graph paper or does everyone work on the same sheet? And feel free to share anyother math strategies for 4th graders. :D

Kate Nonesuch said...

This one requires a jar and a dollar, and gives counting and adding fun for a week.
Here’s an offer a kid can’t refuse:
“I’ll put a penny in a jar. The next day, I’ll double it and put 2 pennies into the jar.
The next day, I’ll double that and put in 4 pennies, and so on, every day for a week.
At the end of the week, you can have all the money in the jar, or I’ll give you a dollar instead. Your choice.”
If I want to give about $10.00, I offer to double for 10 days, and say that I will buy the jar back for $8.00.
This idea comes from Family Math Fun! available free at
Funded by the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills, HRSDC.

Sherrie said...

That sounds like a fun, educational game! Adding it to my stash! :) Thanks for sharing!