Saturday, January 14, 2012

Menu Plan week of 1/15

Sure has been a while since I've posted menus, huh?

The school yummy lunch of the week is: coconut carrot rice pudding & fruit salad from Vegan Lunch Box cookbook.
My work yummy lunch of the week is Napa cabbage rolls w/ mizo soup ~ yes, I enjoy my own yummy work day treats. Recipes from Raw Food for Everyone.

Dinners for the week are:

Sun: baked pork chops, veggies & potatoes

Mon: French bread open faced Philly cheese steaks, fries & veggie

Tues: Daddy junk food night since I work late ~ hotdogs, veggie plate

Wed: (from the freezer ~ Once a month cooking cookbook) Calzones w/ spag sauce & broccoli salad from Raw Food for Everyone

Thurs: Chicken alfredo & spinach, orange & sunflower seed salad

Fri: Pizza (I'd love to stop this tradition but the kids LOVE it)

Sat: Chicken soft tacos & Southern caviar

That's what we're eating this week, how about you all? Sometimes I think - I wonder if the authors of these cookbooks would be completely horrified by the way I integrate their healthy recipes into our meal plans that also include things like Philly Cheesesteaks... Can you imagine? I apologize to all of the vegan, vegetarian & raw food cookbook authors out there!!!

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