Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Need some green?

Try sprouts! We're at that time of the year that I really start to miss the fresh stuff of summer. I know I can't be the only one. It's a perfect time to sprout some highly nutritious yummy goods right on your kitchen counter. I received this sprouter from my wonderful step daughter for Christmas and love it. I've had other styles in the past as well, such as the self watering levelled style and a plain ol' mason jar. Each one has had it's advantages and disadvantages, so in the end whatever one you choose you can't lose.

The above sprouts are alfalfa which the folks over at don't seem really very keen on alfalfa but I love it on sandwiches. It is a great replacement for lettuce in the cold of the winter. I'm ready to branch out though... I'd love to have kids adventuresome enough to try out the sprouted breakfast cereals but I don't think we're there yet... instead I think perhaps we're Sprouted Bean Rice Pot people.

Are you a sprouter? What do you sprout? I appreciate any and all recommendations to keep us moving in a forward direction.

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