Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just say no

to sugar...

My son is amazing. He's energetic, funny, curious, warm hearted, snuggly, thoughtful, considerate.... but many of these qualities are hidden because they are masked by sugar. You know how people sometimes say, "I can see the hamster running on the wheel..." in describing someone's thought process?

Well my little guy has a flock of hamsters slam dancing in there.. partly because he's a young boy with energy to spare.. and partly because he has sugar to fuel the fire.

A week or so ago he had a really rough week. We get notes home often, but to be honest I don't think his teacher sees the jewel that he is... and also brings a lot of the problems upon herself. I mean all day kindy kids NEED recess... no matter whether they are "active" kids or not. But that week we had notes home. He had time out during recess. He had trouble completing activities...

And then I got to observe it in action. At karate - which he loves - he just couldn't focus. He just couldn't stand still or follow instruction. He was so talkative that he was outwardly disruptive. My heart hurt for him... he seemed to be trying his best to control himself but just couldn't. He came close to being asked to leave. This is huge. His karate teacher is outstanding with commanding a class. It is exceptionally rare that he would need to ask a child to leave.. and here it was MY kid. YIKES!!! 

So being a library sort.... I busted out some books. I won't go into all of the details of our thought process or technique in this post... but we decided to cut added sugar (I'm talkin' cane sugar, corn syrup, brown sugar, natural sweetner, unnatural sweetner, you name it!)... and might I add we aren't a junk food house but

you don't have to be a junk food house to get too much sugar!!!

I'll skip the details of all the changes we've made for now because the post is really just a big hurrah over the fact that my little angel of a boy has had smiley faces all week at school and participated fully in karate class. He's a joy!!! And the best part - he earned a prize for good behavior this past week at school - just a little token treasure box kind of thing... but he is so proud of himself and his self control.

My heart is full for him and his sense of accomplishment.

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Jeanette said...

Yay! So glad you were able to bring the real Heath back. I have to say...slam dancing hamsters...ROFL!