Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinterest inspiration....

So I have a new addiction ~ pinterest. I resisted for as long as I could. Then one of my MLIS classmates mentioned that she uses it to track ideas for her library. Genius! So I signed right up. Guess what?... I haven't a library board yet.. But I have done lots of other fun things! Here's my pics from activities I've tried or recipes I've done because of pinterest -

My 1/2 french twist hair style ~ easy peasy for something a little different. But mostly I'm workin' the food aspect of pinterest!!!

Baked oatmeal in cups ~ this one is from Sugar-Free Mom Pinterest introduced me to her blog and I love it! Though I gotta be honest, I also pinned the pumpkin-vanilla smoothie and I didn't love it. It was ok, but after trying some of her other stuff - I think my expectations are just really high. Because her other stuff, healthy or not, is out of this world delicious!!
I'm looking forward to putting some of the ideas to good use in my garden this year as well. :) Oh yeah... and maybe the library too.

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