Saturday, June 9, 2012

Broccoli Piccata Lunch

So this morning hubby pops his head in the bedroom to say goodbye on his way to work. BTW, he says, we don't have leftovers for our lunch so I made myself a sandwich. You might want to as well....

We'd had sandwiches the night before in a mad dash to make it from swimming pool to preschool friends ice cream date. A sandwich didn't sound all that great to me again, so I booked butt through my morning routine to whip something up. I have Vegan Lunch Box checked out from the library - so I feel like I have a secret super power at the ready. Turns out, I did. Only a couple of minutes and my lunch looked like this:

Sorry - the picture doesn't do it justice. And I cheated in the broccoli piccata. I used frozen broccoli instead of cooking fresh - I was in a time pinch. The sauce only took a second. I also had a cup of miso soup & 2 cheese sticks (SORRY Vegan Lunch Box!)

It was delicious & quick. I thought the broccoli might be a bit oily but the lemon juice took great care of that. This is a great "back pocket recipe" for when I don't have leftovers for lunch the next day :)

BTW - here's the link to Jennifershmoo's blog post :) I gotta work on some cute containers!!!

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